Juliana and I have worked together for the past 8 years on both a major kitchen/family room redo as well as a recent living /dining room remodel. She will involve you as much as you want to be involved or will simply take care of the details of the job if that is your preference. She is highly professional, talented and creative and will do whatever it takes to satisfy the client’s tastes and preferences. She is well worth her fees and follows through with the job until it is complete to your satisfaction. Finally, Juliana is a positive and upbeat person who puts you at ease and enables you to venture forth into styles, colors, and designs that might otherwise not have been considered but which work very well. I cannot recommend anyone more highly for interior design help. Joyce T.

Juliana is fabulous and talented! She helped me transform my home into a true expression of who I am. She quickly understood my taste and style even before I had it figured out. I’ve learned so much from her and gained such confidence in my own “designers eye.” I love working with her. She involves you in as much of the process as you want (SFDC is so much fun!) and her years of experience ensure that she has a contact for just about everything! She understands so many different styles from traditional to modern and eclectic. She is creative, hardworking and has loads of integrity. Tiffany S.

Juliana is a magnificently talented interior designer and interior design stylist. We recently collaborated together on a photo shoot for a local furniture and interiors company, and the shoot would not have been as successful without Juliana on the set as her suggestions tied very deeply into the success of the images we created that day. The entire team appreciated her attention to detail from the large vignettes and whole-room scenes that were setup, down to the last detail of where a painting would hang or even where a book or accessory item should be in the photo. One with an eye for detail from macro to micro is a huge asset to any team and her designs are just grand! I’d love to work with Juliana again, as her talents enhanced my own, and she was a joy to collaborate with on our 3-day project! Highly recommended. Niall D

Juliana is a gifted, creative and passionate designer. She has helped me on different kinds of projects, and I have been thrilled with the results. However, I am most impressed with her integrity. She recently coordinated the purchase of an expensive mattress, which felt better in the store. She was able to arrange to have it returned for a small re-stocking fee, even though this particular company doesn’t usually accept returns. She was willing to do this, knowing that she would lose her profit as well. She went above and beyond, because she truly cares about her customers! Judi m.

Julianna Carlsen has been a customer for over 20 years of the to-the-trade fabric showroom where I work. I think that speaks for itself on so many levels. I enjoy working with Julianna, and I have worked with her from the beginning of her first business with our company. She is a valued customer, and she is professional in her business dealings with our company. Paul E. San Francisco Design Center

Ode to Juliana, The Sublime
Juliana’s the ticket! Ja, Jules is the one
Who made certain my home was exquisitely done.
Happy, efficient, witty and wise,
You’re the creme de la creme-I sure won the prize.
With flair and style your ideas flow
Creating beauty wherever you go.
Rug swatches, bathtubs, samples of paint,
You waded through hundreds without a complaint.
We worked hard and laughed, and in the end
I gained more that I’d hoped for-an incredible friend.
Who would have dreamed that along the way
I’d share in your wonderful journey with Fe!
Thanks from my heart, I feel lucky and blessed
My home, at long last, is truly my nest. Nancy P.

This has been quite the project for us…what started out as a little “makeover” became full re-constructive surgery! But everything is beautiful, warm and inviting, comfortable and elegant-just the way I wanted it. So for all your handwork, ideas, extra trips to the Design Center and being late to pick up Fe, I also thank you. Here’s to loving my “new” old home. Kate S.

I had so much fun working with Juliana! She was able to listen very well to what I had in mind and then presented wonderful ideas. Her helpful, calm and creative method of work made our project a very delightful experience. I very highly recommend her! Deanne L.